Apex Acquisitions CEO Took Top Performers to Watch The Champion League Quarter Final

At Apex Acquisitions, we love a good match and sports game. All around the world, sports make up a majority of our entertainment. Watching it live or watching it on the television, sports have become part of our every inspiration. “We carry a prominent sports mentality at Apex because we’re always up to date with the newest matches in any sports category. NBA finals are going on in the US, before that it was the Super Bowl in February. We enjoy inspiring ourselves through athletes that make sports worth watching,” says Emmanuel Babalola, managing director of Apex Acquisitions. Recently, our CEO took our firm’s top performers to watch the Champions League quarter-final. This year’s UEFA football tournament was great to watch. It inspired and motivated us to think like a sports player when we work.

When watching athletes play many of us wonder how they can do such amazing things in a field. This is because of mindset, work ethic, and determination. “These three qualities will make an individual someone who is capable of reaching their goals without a doubt. We place an importance on having this kind of mentality because, without it, we would have zero ambition to go after our goals,” says Emmanuel Babalola of Apex Acquisitions. Taking our top performers to watch the champions league quarter final was a great experience. It gave us a chance to sit together and enjoy the game while being in the crew-spirit.

This opportunity to take our top performers to a game also portrayed a sense of incentives which we are significant about in our firm. Those that try hard, reach high and are always putting in the effort are always rewarded emotionally and physically. We believe that in addition to getting inspired and motivated, our top performers have also inspired our company culture to be competitive and lively, just like a sports game. We’re always encouraging each other, and we’re constantly in the zone when it comes to strategies, tactics, and mentality. We like to stay one step ahead of the game compared to our competitors, and because of that, we consider ourselves a pretty great crew.



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