Apex Acquisitions: Why Promotions from Within are 100% Effective

According to studies, promoting from within is more effective in various concepts compared to externally hiring. Apex Acquisitions believes that this study is efficient and thorough because it has been tried and tested, repeatedly. We conclude that when an individual is promoted from within the firm or company, they have an idea of how that specific organisation works. They know the ropes, insights and details of how to be in a particular position within the firm. “When someone gets promoted from within due to how well they are doing it shows that they have a relationship with that organisation, they get the work done and make sure they are genuinely taking care of it. Whereas an external individual trying to be in that same position may have experience, but they won’t be as invested as someone who has been here and invested their time and effort into the company,” says Emmanuel Babalola managing director of Apex Acquisitions

Studies have also shown that external placement individuals also need time to get adjusted, essentially you are wasting that time that could be given to someone from within the firm, who has a flow already. The internal promotion individual would not waste time getting the gist of how a company works; they would already be acquainted with its instructions. Research indicated that it took about two years for external hires to catch up with the company and pace whereas the promotion from within took no time at all to understand how everything works. “We believe that promotion within is 100% effective because we train from the inside and our individuals would already have access to our tips, skills and routine,” says Emmanuel Babalola of Apex Acquisitions.

There is also a mentoring aspect to this. When someone wants to reach the top promotion or leadership position, they follow the company’s leader. They want to be promoted, so their actions show that they are invested in learning and becoming promoted. “All in all, we know that mentoring, helping and promoting someone within the company is more effective in various aspects because it helps maintain a relationship with the company and genuinely produces organic growth in every way possible,” says Emmanuel Babalola of Apex Acquisitions.





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